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The Idea Generator

When you need to start your own business – whether it’s because you have to work from home and conventional employment is no longer an option, or you’ve lost your job at an age when it’s hard to get another one or you’re just plain fed up with cubicledom and working for someone else then a solution can be to start your own business.

New business opportunities are all around us. We really don’t have to look very far to find fascinating ways to make a living. But sometimes we just can’t see this especially when we’re miserable at work and want to escape or when we’re in a situation where we desperately need an income but can’t get a job.

This is why I developed the Idea Generator. 

There are two formats – Idea Generator Workshops and  the Idea Generator Home Study Programme.

Whichever format you choose there’ll be no more desperately trying to figure out how or if business opportunities exist – you’ll start to see opportunities everywhere!

Both the home study course and the workshop cover all of the following:

  • why start your own business
  • types of businesses you could start
  • discovering the types of businesses you would be suited to
  • the best ways to get new ideas flowing
  • top sources of business ideas
  • turning your passion into profits
  • discovering your “purpose”
  • identifying market trends
  • using keyword searches to find business ideas
  • identifying needs in a market
  • tuning in to ideas and opportunities
  • creating vision boards
  • develop your own idea generation method
  • what to when a good idea strikes
  • screening business ideas

Idea Generator weekend workshop

Idea Generator Home Study Programme