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Idea Generator Home Study Course

New business opportunities are all around us. If you work your way through this home study course you won’t have to look very far to find fascinating ways to make a living. No more desperately trying to figure out how or if business opportunities exist. You’ll start to see opportunities everywhere!

So if you need to start your own business – whether it’s to earn extra income, escape the boss and cubicledom, avoid the long commute to work, have an income stream whilst staying at home to raise children or care for elderly parents – this home study course will definitely get your creative juices flowing. You’ll also learn how to scan opportunities for viability.

Topics covered include:

  • why start your own business
  • types of business you could start
  • the best ways to get new ideas flowing
  • top sources of business ideas
  • identifying market trends
  • using keyword searches to find business ideas
  • identifying needs in a market
  • tuning in to ideas and opportunities
  • turning your passion into profits
  • discovering your “purpose”
  • creating vision boards
  • screening business ideas