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Up your level

This article by Barb Wade resonated with me this evening as I completed the latest edition of my Idea to Launch programme at McGill University. As Barb allows people to  share her articles – well, that’s what I’m doing so… read on…

“Up Your Level!”

No matter where you are in your business, there is always room for improvement. There are so many ways to up-level your business, whether it’s making more sales, attracting better clients, adding team members, hosting a live event, and more.

Once you start really moving your business forward, it can be very exciting. But it can also be fraught with anxiety and fear. It’s completely normal to flip flop from being very clear about your new direction to wondering what the hell you’ve gotten yourself into.

Because of that, many of us struggle with knowing where to start, what to prioritize, and how to keep a positive mindset while undertaking the formidable task of growing your business.

Here are 4 strategies that I learned along the way that can help you make this a time of great growing, learning, and not just a constant struggle.

Strategy #1: Change Your Mind

If you take the same actions (or have the same mindset for that matter) over and over, you will get the same results you have always gotten. Guaranteed. I don’t know why this can be so hard to learn, but we are creatures of habit and the familiar feels safe.

So, as you are trying to make these upward shifts in your business, you need to start by changing your attitude and perspective. One of my first mentors used to say, “What would a million dollar business owner do?”

In other words, if I already had the business that I desire, how would I approach this decision, opportunity, or choice point?

You want to make decisions based on where you are going, not where you have been. So, looking at things from that angle automatically pulls you out of the old patterns you’ve been in.

Strategy #2: Prime the Cash Flow Pump

The song says, “There ain’t no romance without finance.” Well, I don’t know if that’s true, but I do know that there ain’t no business without cash flow.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an old-timer; cash flow is king. You must know exactly how much you will need every month to cover your expenses, pay yourself (don’t forget that!) and give you a buffer for the unexpected.

Determine the amount, then break that number down into how many clients or sales you will need to make that amount, then put together an action plan to create those results.

Hint: This is specifically where being able to reliably enroll clients into your services through one-on-one conversations is a mandatory skill!

Strategy #3: Next Things First

As you and your business grow, there will always be “leftovers” from the old paradigm that you are moving out of. It may be hours-for-dollars clients that you are phasing out, programs that are still in play, but you are revamping, or an outdated part of your website.

This is a transition after all and those things are to be expected. But here’s the key: do not let them be your main focus anymore. Get them done, but keep in mind that they are on the way out.

Everyday – before you check email, get on the phone, or post on Facebook – make a list of 3 actions that will move your business closer to where you want it to be. Since income is the energy that will power this transformation, a good metric is to make sure that those 3 actions all help bring in new clients, prospects, or cash flow.

Strategy #4: Don’t Go It Alone

Let’s face it: building a successful business is not a cakewalk. And being an solo-entrepreneur (a term I am beginning to believe is an oxymoron) can be a lonely life. You must get support. Invest in getting a mentor, join a coaching group, hang around others who are achievers that are moving forward. You’ll be surprised how learning from and being inspired by those kind of people will pull you forward as well!

Business Coach & Mentor Barb Wade specializes in teaching entrepreneurs how to make more money more easily while enjoying a business and lifestyle that reflects their priorities. Download Barb’s “Word-for-Word Scripts To Overcome Objections” and book more high-paying clients now at www.BarbWade.com

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