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The Pumpkin Plan and why you need it

You have the idea for a business, you check it out, you get started, you get stuck. You say yes to everyone. Clients are sucking your time and driving you crazy. Your friends and family are getting tired of hearing about your business, your marketing plan, your clients, they’re even starting to be glad you don’t have time to see them much these days.  You’re actually getting tired of your business. It’s taking too much time and energy and not giving you the joy and freedom and the $$$ you expected. It’s a long way from what you dreamed of and from what it all looked like in the business plan you quite probably wrote. But hey – you’re just one client, one mandate away from making it aren’t you ? Or are you ? how long have you been saying that for ??

You’re not the only one going through all this you know – sadly not.

And once upon a time a guy called Mike Michalowicz was just where you are today. But then…

…. he went to a pumpkin farm.

No, he didn’t become a pumpkin farmer or start growing prize pumpkins or  manufacturing pumpkin pie he just had a mega AHA moment. He realised he should treat his business like a giant pumpkin. Mike came up with the Pumpkin Plan. He applied it to his business, it made multi-millions, he sold it and like all good entrepreneurs started another business, applied the pumpkin plan and guess what – that business made multi-millions too. Of course it also took talent, hard work and a bunch of other things but the pumpkin plan kept him focused on the things that are essential to the success of pretty much any business.

Now I could tell you what the pumpkin plan is couldn’t I ? – but I’m not going to.

Sorry !

Go buy your own copy of the book and read all about it for yourself !

No seriously just look into my eyes and trust me – this book is worth reading. I promise you. It will make you laugh, it will give you the courage to do what you’ve known for a long time that you need to do, it gives the process you need to go through and it gives you case studies of how to apply it to a whole variety of sectors from travel to solar power.

I read lots of books on starting a business. A few years ago I developed my own programme for people starting a business (Idea to Launch) which I now deliver twice a year at McGill University in Canada.  I’m very careful what books I recommend to participants. I’ve long recommended Mike’s first book – The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur. Next time I’ll be adding The Pumpkin Plan.

To put it bluntly – and in my inimitable style – both books cut the crap, the academic stuff, the obsession with business plans and get straight in there where it – well, it can feel a bit painful, the truth often does – but remember your best friend always tells you what you need to hear not what you want to hear. Mike also gives you a process, a structure. And … there’s more materials available on line for them as what buys the book. So … don’t delay, don’t keep waiting for the next mandate. Go get your copy of The Pumpkin Plan. But.. you must read it, reflect on it and implement the pumpkin plan. No point in buying it and just sticking it on the shelf. You may as well go and buy a plastic pumpkin at the dollar store for all the good it will do your business. I’m being bossy I know but you’re business is stuck, you’re exhausted, you need to pumpkin plan it.

And if you’re just starting out on the road to being a business owner you should pick up a copy of  The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur too.





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