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Taking time out

Recently I was on an amazing 5 day Mastermind Retreat in Iceland.

One day we drove into the volcanic highlands which have the most amazing scenery as you can see from my photos below.




As we progressed on the rough volcanic tracks our stunning vehicle suddenly had some challenges with its gearbox and we ground to a complete standstill.

With enough fuel for 9 hours of warmth in the vehicle and sufficient food for a couple of meals we were fairly relaxed about the situation.  We had a telephone signal from the the top of a nearby hill and one vehicle came by that was able to radio for assistance for us.

We waited just over 4 hours for a replacement vehicle to come out to us although I think some of us were secretly disappointed that some cute guys from the rescue service wouldn’t be coming to helicopter us out!


We were in an area surrounded by massive hills with stunning views from the top including snowcapped Hekla – a volcano that scientists say is poised to erupt.


We had sun, rainbows, even snow.

Icelandic horses wandered along a ridge on one of the hills.

So many visual delights.

So how did we spend the fours hours of our unexpected time out? Since the only signal was at the top of a hill which was a steep climb and darn cold when you got there no-one sidetracked into emails or other internet activities. We just got on and masterminded. We individually planned our next steps in our businesses. We went for walks. We breathed super clean air. We marvelled at nature and the beauty around us.

We discussed the incident the next day and explored what we each had learned from it – about ourselves, about life. We all concluded it was a relaxing and beneficial experience – albeit unscheduled!


So… why not take a few hours out in a place that’s a long way from anything and with no internet connection – by the sea, by a lake, wandering through a forest, hiking through some hills and then see how you feel physically and whether you have new perspectives on your business.

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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