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Social Media for Your Business

Social media is now a proven and respected way to get visibility and credibility for you and for business. However there are more social media platforms than ever and it can sometimes seem overwhelming to decide which ones are of use for your business and ow to make an appropriate and efficient use of it. It can be time consuming to get set up on your chosen platforms, to build a following and to interact with the people who are following you.

If you’re not sure what platform would be useful for your business why not sign up for my FR*EE mini series on the key social media platforms.  Just fill out the  contact form to let me know that you would like a copy.

We offer the following services to make your life a bit easier:

SET UP ON SOCIAL MEDIA SITES For some it’s just too time consuming, for others way too overwhelming, to set yourself or your business up on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram etc.  We can do all of this for you.

A website or blog is essential if your social media strategy is to be successful – you need to be able to attract traffic to a place where you can interact with your customers and target clients so that they  can get to know, like and trust you. We strongly recommend using WordPress as a platform for your website or blog. We can help you decide the structure, design and content. We can then arrange for the site to be built and the content to be loaded. We can even have the content written for you if this is not quite your thing. LEARN MORE



Engaging in conversations on Facebook and Twitter is something you really should do yourself to maintain authenticity however many people outsource their status updates and Tweets to a Virtual Assistant. We can be YOUR virtual assistant. This frees up your time to work on your business, work with your clients and engage in conversations on Facebook and Twitter.

REVIEW OF YOUR FACEBOOK PRESENCE If you already have a presence on Facebook it’s important to know whether your Facebook Profile or Page is optimised so that it works for you rather than against you and of course to set  your privacy settings so that you are in control. Our Facebook review service provides you with a detailed report on how you can optimise your Facebook Page or Profile.
YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY It’s really important to have a clear social media strategy and to ensure that it is aligned with the objectives of your marketing strategy. We can work with so that first of all we can determine if social media will add value to your business and if so we look at which social  media platforms you need to be active on; the conversations you need to get involved in and how; what you should be monitoring. We also ensure that your social media strategy meshes with your marketing plan and that your staff are trained so that they can implement the strategy for you. It is also vital to track how the strategy is working and we will include tracking mechanisms. 

There’s no point in having a social media strategy if you don’t implement it. Sometimes solopreneurs or smaller businesses don’t have the time or even the inclination to implement all aspects of their social media policy or they need someone to manage the process – we can help you with all of this.