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Evaluating Business Ideas

Don’t be a statistic !

Make sure your business isn’t one of the countless businesses that  fail to make it through the first year.

Save yourself time, money and heartache by checking if your business idea is viable  !

Sadly, having a great idea isn’t quite enough.

Before you launch a new business, you really should check out its commercial potential. Far better to find out early on that  it isn’t such a great idea –  it will save you so much time, money and heartache later.

If you want a better understanding of why evaluating your business ideas is so important then look to to your right – can you see the sign up box for my 25-page FR*EE report on How to Failproof your Business Idea ? I recommend that you sign up for it and learn how YOU can avoid being a statistic – someone whose business doesn’t make it through the first year.

It’s really important to evaluate your business ideas.  You need to know who your target clients are; whether they’ll be as excited by your product or service as you are; whether they’re willing to pay for it and how much; whether the business is sustainable and scaleable; how much money you need to have to get started and whether you can access that level of financing.

If you need help evaluating your business idea I can do a full feasiblity study for you. On the other hand your budget may not permit this and so I’ve developed The Idea Scan.

Here’s how The Idea Scan works:

If you want an expert opinion then I have you answer some key questions, then drawing on my knowledge, some limited research and gut instinct I can advise you whether your project is worth investigating further.

I charge a modest $450 for this service and you receive a report either explaining what my concerns and reservations are or a report with my opinions and suggestions for the next steps.

Complete the contact form below and we can arrange payment, I can then send you a form to complete and we agree a day and time to discuss further.

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