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Coaching you to Success

I’ve built a really strong reputation as the go-to person when you want to start or grow a business – whether it’s an on-line or a ‘bricks & mortar’ business.

My international business career has given me a solid business foundation and I make sure I stay on the cutting edge of all that’s new and successful so that I’m always a strong ally for your business plans.

I call this page Coaching but it might be better to call it mentoring or even guiding and facilitating.  One thing’s for sure I always do my utmost to ensure that my clients achieve their objectives when they hire me to help them start or grow their business.

Typical challenges that can be resolved through focused sessions include:

  • Brainstorming ideas for a new business
  • Working through the why & how of evaluating business ideas
  • Getting from idea to launch
  • Handling mindset issues
  • Brainstorming low or no-cost marketing strategies
  • Deciding which social media platforms to use
  • Delegating, outsourcing and team building
  • Managing your business
  • Handling the financial aspects of being in business
  • Getting your clients to pay you
  • Setting the boundaries with your clients

And so much more…

If you’re thinking of hiring me I’d like to invite you to book a  FR*EE 30-minute session so that you can ask me questions about my skillset, experience, knowledge, how I work so that you can be comfortable that I’d be a good resource to get your business up and running or expanded into new markets. Just complete the contact box at the bottom of this page.

I’ll be honest and say that we’ll only work really well together if:

  • you’re serious about coming up with a viable idea for your business.
  • you’re really committed to evaluating your business idea so that you only move forward with a business that has a strong chance of success
  • you really want to be successful in your business endeavours
  • you can handle me not taking your hard earned money to have a cosy chat, tell you what you want to hear and avoid any issues. I want you to pay me to help you achieve success not to bolster my bank account.

There are several options for working together. Take a look at the options below – there’s sure to be one that best meets your needs and the way you like to work.


  •  Two x 60 minute calls each month
  • Resources, email support and guidance

Total cost: $550 per month

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Pay once for 3 months : $1,200

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  •  4 x 90 minute calls for one month
  • Email contact throughout the month and the following month
  • Resources, email support and guidance

Your investment: $1,500

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Need something different ? Please contact me and let me know what you need- don’t forget to leave a phone number where I can call you.

À titre d’information je peux faire le coaching en français si cela vous convienne mieux !


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