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Generating Business Ideas

If you’re ready to be your own boss but aren’t sure exactly what business why not let me help you come up with business ideas. This help might be in a virtual work session, an in person VIP day or it may appeal to you to join with other people at one of my Idea Generator Workshops. If you’re on a tight budget then the Idea Generator Home Study Programme may be the best solution for you.

Evaluating Business Ideas

Once you know what business you’d like to start it’s really important to evaluate your business idea. (If you’re not sure about this look over to the column on the right and sign up for a totally FR*EE 25-page report that explains how to failproof your business idea).

Evaluating business ideas is the only way to check if your idea is workable and could be a sustainable and successful business venture – after all you want to be sure your ideas are going to make you mon*ey and you certainly don’t want to be one of the 85% of small businesses that fail each year.

I’ve also developed a home study programme that you can follow – unimaginatively called Evaluating your Business Ideas.

 Getting from Idea to Launch

Once you know your business idea looks good and you’re ready to get planned and all set up then you will find the Idea to Launch programmes very helpful.

If you have the budget you may prefer to have a VIP day with me and get everything organised. This will move you forward a lot faster. Check this out here.

Read more about the various Idea to Launch programmes.

Financial Aspects of being in Business

If you’re worried about the financial aspects of starting and running a business then you’ll find my Rock the Financials  programme extremely helpful. You can achieve financial control and financial zen in just 7 easy steps.

Getting Visibility and Credibility

People typically buy from those they know, like and trust whether it’s a person or a brand.  The Business Launchpad can help you decide the best way to get visibility and credibility for your business. This may be by traditional marketing or digital marketing (including social media) or a combination of both. More information.

We can also help with all aspects of using Social Media to achieve visibility and credibility. For more information read through the social media services we offer here.

Ongoing Help

When you’re ready to launch your business you’ll soon find there are many things to think about. Here’s where I can step in with sound business advice, coach you or even get stuff done for you.