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Seen recently on the blogosphere

I decided that from now on I’m going to share just a handful of the many blog posts that pass across my line of vision in the average week. (Of course it’s also a cunning ploy to write a post without having to spend hours thinking about it and crafting something erudite, meaningful or even just plain helpful !!)

Milana Leshinsky has compiled a list of the women she considers to be the top 100 women who turned their passion into highly successful multiple income streams businesses online.  To see the critieria she used to identify them and see who’s on her list follow this link.

I love Springwise – full of great new business ideas – brought to your inbox each week. For this weeks offerings

I’m a big fan of the Social Media Examiner. The other day he posted on the topic of location-based social networks : Foursquare vs. Gowalla vs. MyTown: Which Is Better for Business?

Webdesiger Depot is great if you’re a webdesigner and also if you enjoy cartoons. They have a cartoons of the week series. Here’s the link to this weeks offerings.  They also do collections such as Coming soon website designs.  Check out their different and highly interesting categories.

This may or may not appeal to your sense of humour –  Elaine and Gary and their home decor – check it out to see what I’m on about and let me know if you found it amusing. Catalog Living.

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