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Seen recently in the blogosphere

Protecting your website – those of use with a website (or two) would do well to read a blog post by Jessica Mathews in which she strongly advises having a Terms of Use Policy and a Privacy Policy posted on your website.  Once you’ve read the post don’t just think “yeah I must do that” – go and do it – write that Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and post them on your website. Here’s the link to her post Is your website puttng you at risk?

Hubspot are offering a free report on Social Media, Blog and Search Engine activity by industry. It’s great on advice about which social media platforms to be focusing and the strategies to adopt. You can download the report here.

For those of you with a WordPress website or blog head over to the Social Media Examinerand read the guest post by Denise Wakeman on 24 impressive blog plug-ins. Denise is a well-respected blogging expert so this post is worth checking out.

How often do you blog ? How often do you think you should blog ? Grant Grifffiths addresses this much debated question in his blog post rather unoriginally entitled:  How often should I post to my blog ? nonetheless it is a post worth reading.

Following on from this I found Chris Brogan’s post on Numbers that matter very apt. Chris wrote the post following someone expressing concern about their numbers on Facebook and indeed everywhere you turn you find someone stressing about how many friends they have on Facebook, how many followers on Twitter and so on and so on. Some of the numbers that Chris thinks are worth worrying about include:

  • Number of smiles you caused today
  • Number of times you promoted someone else
  • Number of ways you encouraged others today
  • Number of times you took a break for yourself
  • Worth thinking about eh ?

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