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Red Arrows and White Stallions

The Red Arrows – the Royal Air Force Aerobatic team – gave a spectacular (and breathtaking) air display over the sea at Sidmouth this summer. I thought how daring they were and how committed and focused they have to be – both in their training and during their displays.


A  week later I was in Vienna for a few days and managed to get a ticket for a performance by the beautiful white Lipizzaner stallions of the Spanish Riding School. The commitment and discipline of the riders who start at the age of 16 and stay with the same horse for up to 20 years got me thinking about how this was applicable to a business owner.


And so this blog post was born !

Here’s what I believe can be learned from the Red Arrows and from the riders at the Spanish Riding School that are applicable to most business owners:

  • you need a vision – of how you want your future to be. This will keep you on track even if the going gets tough at times.
  • you need to dare
  • you need to play big
  • you need to have discipline and focus
  • you need to stay totally committed to achieving your goal
  • if you’re piloting a fighter plane or training and riding a horse you have coaches and mentors and a strong support system. Most business owners would say this was essential and yet… they often don’t have a business coach or a support system for their own business. Even though you’re the driving force behind your business without a business coach and without a support system it will take a lot longer to succeed in your business endeavours.


My question for you:

  • what else would YOU add to my list? Let me know in the comments box below.

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