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Seen recently on the blogosphere

Do you use images in the your blog ? then you should read this blog post over at Hubspot on How to Use Creative Commons to Add Images to Your Blog

At risk of you thinking that I spend all my time on Hubspot (I don’t but they do appear in my inbox more than once day) – this post presented some really useful and worth thinking about statistics on the use of mobile devices to access and participate in social media sites – 11 mind blowing mobile marketing infographics.

And now for something completely different – Chris Brogan wrote a post today about the painter who made a window so that he could chat to his fans while he worked, he ended up chatting more than working…  Something to think about as we all chitchat, tweet and comment across the blogosphere; as we talk about what we are going to do rather than getting on with it. Here’s the link: The Painter and his Window. Woah… don’t run off yet – when you get to Chris’ post read the COMMENTS too – everyones take on this parable was different and there are some really interesting intrepretations.  Feel free to not only leave a comment over there but to come back here and tell me what you thought about it.

If you want to know about the latest and coolest tools then Charnita France over at Social Web Tools is the go-to gal. This week she posted on Blogging Tips about Swipely (which is very similar to Blippy).  Swipely (which is still in beta) and Blippy allow you to register and then you can see what people are buying, what your Facebook friends are buyingm comment and discuss these. Not only is it a great wat for consumers for get information about a product but companies can see what people are buying and what they think about them. Or course companies can also use the search facility on Twitter to do this. 


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