Rock the Financials – in 7 easy steps!

Wouldn’t it feel great if …

… you knew where your business is financially at any moment in time?

… you were able to keep your business costs under control?

… you always got paid what you’re worth?

… you knew you had enough cash to pay the bills?

… you stopped dreading year end tax filings?


Just think how YOU would feel if you got your financial situation under control – once and for all!

You need the Rock the FinancialsTM   programme!


GSP BW 1I work closely with entrepreneurs and so often I see them struggling to find the time or the motivation to get a grip on the financial side of their business. I also see the consequences when they persist in ignoring the financial aspects of being in business.

Unfortunately no matter how great your products or services, no matter  how effective your marketing is, no matter how many clients you have if you neglect the financial side of running a business you’re at risk of being one of the 80% of new businesses who fail in the first few years.


Companies don’t fail because they run out of cash – companies very often fail because of poor financial management. But help is at hand !

Rock the FinancialsTM will solve your problem!

My tried and trusted Rock the FinancialsTM  is an affordable, stress free programme that helps you get a grip on your business financials and keep them under control – forever.

In 7 easy steps Rock the FinancialsTM  will give you the knowledge, confidence and tools you need to turn you from financial worrier into a financial warrior !

Every few days a step is delivered to you.  If you work through each step when you receive it you can have your financials organised in no time at all!

Each step has easy to understand explanations, checklists, and examples. It’s information rich but in bite-sized morsels.

Step 1 – The Importance of Financial Control

It’s important to understand what’s meant by financial control and whether you have financial control in your business. It’s also important to understand what’s meant by the key financial terms and concepts. You’ll learn what these are in a fun and painless way – promised !

Step 2 –  Keeping Records

It’s important to keep the right records. This makes it so much easier to see how your business is performing. How much available cash do you have? Do you have a high level of debt?  Is your business really making a profit?  How much money do clients owe to you? Without up to date records you can’t know.

Having up to date records also makes year end accounts and tax filings far less painful – and no nasty surprises!

Step 3– Cash – the lifeblood of any business

In this step I’ll show you how to do bank reconciliations and prepare cashflow projections.

We’ll look at what you should be doing if you discover you’re not going to have enough cash to pay bills.

Step 4 – Assessing your Current Situation

Now it’s time to look at the current situation of your business.  Is it really making a profit?  How much available cash do you have? Do you have a high level of debt?  How much money do clients owe to you?  We also look at solution to problems that your business may be experiencing. You need to know where you are so that you can start to make changes and bring your financial situation under control.

Step 5 – A cold, hard look at Expenses

In this  step we’re going to list all your business expenses over the past year and all your planned business expenses for the next 12 months. Then you’re going to ruthlessly review all of these expenses to see whether any can be eliminated or at least reduced. The chances are there are a lot of expenses that can be reduced. And probably money that’s being squandered. We also look at your survival numbers – for your business and for your personal income. Sometimes businesses can run into problems but you need to keep the wolf at the door and survive financially without incurring debt.

Step 6 – Get the money flowing in

We’ll look at your current sources of income and how you can leverage what you do. We’ll look to see if there are additional ways of monetising your business – whether you’ve considered all the other possible sources of income that you could derive from your business. We’ll look at pricing and how to charge what you’re really worth.  And very importantly we’ll make sure you confidently set your payment terms and get paid by your clients.

Step 7 – Staying on Track

Now you’ve got yourself all sorted out and you understand how to achieve financial management in your business it’s important to maintain this. Step 7 provides you with checklists to keep the momentum. It also looks at budgeting, accounting software and apps and things to bear in mind if you hire a bookkeeper or accountant.

With the Rock the FinancialsTM   programme you’re just 7 steps away from financial zen !

And it’s yours for just $37

saeltz“I took Gillian’s Idea to Launch programme two years ago and found it very helpful. Especially the financial management session. I’ve learned the importance of planning business’s finances and why we should focus on cashflow to grow our business. Gillian gave me advices I still apply today.” Sandra – owner of  Saeltz



I promise you this – if you take the time to get your financial side of your business under control it will give you the peace of mind you deserve and you’ll be able to grow your business from a position of strength.


 You know it would feel great if …

… you knew where your business is financially

… you were able to keep business costs under control

… you always got paid what you’re worth

… you knew you had enough cash to pay the bills

… you stopped dreading year end tax filings


Just think how great YOU’ll feel …once you have your financial situation under control – once and for all!

With Rock the FinancialsTM   you’re just 7 steps from financial zen !

At just $37  how can you afford not to !?