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Lets’ Start a Business!

Many people want to start a business but aren’t sure what’s involved.

Let’s Start a Business! was developed to give people an overview of what’s involved – from coming up with an idea and evaluating it; figuring out the financial aspects; business planning to getting visibility and credibility.

This programme can be a half day session although ideally it’s a full day.

It can be delivered by webinar or in person.

Complete the contact form below and we can discuss your needs!

Here are somne of the places where I’ve delivered Let’s Start a Business!

A 30-hour one week version for ESS in Prague 2016.

ESS LSAB Prague 16

The students wrote their comments to give to me – these are just two of them:

LSAB Prg 16 - comments

Earlier this year I delivered a customised 4-hour version of Let’s Start a Business! to participants in Tokyo for the company Oikos Research, LLC . As you can see from the photo the delivery was by webinar but it worked really well and we had great feedback from the participants.

Hikari Akizawa, founder of Oikos Research, said: Your lecture seemed to inspire the students. They looked happy during and after the session.”

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