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Idea to Launch – VIP Day

Typical clients

The Idea to Launch VIP day is great for people who want to get their business started and fast. It doesn’t matter whether you want to start an on-pone coaching or business services or information based business or an off-line bricks and mortar business this day with me will get you moving and fast !


VIP Day Description

You’ll complete a questionnaire in advance; we’ll talk on the phone or by Skype and then on the day we’ll roll our sleeves up and get cracking.

We’ll get as many things done as possible and prepare checklists for all the things you’ll need to address to get your business to the starting block. It will be an intense day with lots of hard work but you’ll be so much further forward.

These are some of the things we’ll cover:

  • Identifying target clients and learning as much as possible about them
  • Developing your value proposition
  • Understanding the financial aspects of starting and running a business
  • Bootstrapping a start-up
  • Developing a ‘road map’ for your business
  • Making a list of all the To do’s
  • Your marketing plan


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