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Idea to Launch – Home Study Course

Do you need to start your own business but you’re struggling to come up with ideas ?

Are you nervous that your business could end up as one of the 80% of new businesses that fail in the first years ?

Do you want to evaluate your business idea to see if it’s viable but don’t know how?

Are you starting to feel overwhelmed by everything you need to do to get your business up and running ?

If you can afford a private coach then that’s great but the chances are…. you probably can’t ….and where will you find the book that explains all of these things in an accessible way ? Perhaps you like to listen as well as read but you haven’t the time or dollars to go back to school and learn these things.

So how about… a program to take you from business idea to launching your own business ?

The Idea to Launch Program teaches you all you need to know to get from a business idea to launching a business over a 6 month period.

You’ll be helped all the way by someone with many years of experience in helping people through this very process.

The  Idea to Launch Program is delivered to you every week for 16 weeks.

Each time you get:

  • a video or audio introduction to the topic
  • a detailed report
  • a workbook
  • checklists
  • tasks to complete

In addition you have a 90 minute Q & A with Gillian at the end of the program.

And all this for just $ 350 or three easy payments of $125.

Topics covered include:

  • evaluating business ideas
  • examining your business environment
  • understanding your market
  • checking out the competition
  • identifying your target clients
  • understanding your target clients
  • running the numbers – can you make money?
  • how much funding do you need ?
  • putting together your road map
  • business plans
  • getting set up (premises, office, legals etc)
  • getting visibility
  • developing a marketing & social media plan
  • getting help
  • networking (on and off-line)
  • the launch

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