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Idea to Launch Program

Did you know that…

  • 96 % of small businesses survive for 1 year
  • 85 % survive for 3 years
  • 70 % survive for 5 years
  • Validating a business idea, careful planning and cashflow management are crucial foundations for a successful business


Cestlundi “I took Gillian’s Idea to Launch programme two years ago and found it very helpful. Especially the financial management session. I’ve learned the importance of planning business’s finances and why we should focus on cashflow to grow our business. Gillian gave me advices I still apply today.”

Sandra – owner of the jewellry store C’est Lundi !   –   www.cestlundi.etsy.com

Idea to Launch Home Study Course

The Idea to Launch Home Study Program teaches you all you need to know to get from a business idea to launching a business over a 6 month period.  You’ll be helped all the way by someone with many years of experience in helping people through this very process.

The  Idea to Launch Home Study Program is delivered to you every two weeks. Each time you get:

  • a video or audio introduction to the topic
  • a detailed report
  • a workbook
  • checklists

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Idea to Launch in a town near you

Idea to Launch is often available an off-line course. Why not check out whether there is one due to take place in your town?  Idea to Launch schedule.


Idea to Launch program – tailored to your needs

Idea to Launch can be tailor made. Potential clients include:

  • universities
  • continuing education programmes
  • outplacement companies
  • military and police preparing staff for life outside
  • professional sports teams preparing players for life after professional sports

Idea to Launch has been offered by the Continuing Studies School at McGill University since 2011.

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Idea to Launch Webinar Program

The Idea to Launch Webinar Program is ideal for students in countries where entrepreneurship is in its infancy and few universities or colleges offer practical guidance for starting a business.  To learn more and sign up for the next program click here.