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Over the years I’ve developed various programmes to make live easier for entrepreneurs. They’re all based on the knowledge that entrepreneurs need help and they need for that help to be available, affordable and easy to understand and implement.

Generating Ideas

Some people struggle to come up with ideas when they decide to start their own business. Others have too many ideas and can’t decide which one to pursue. The Idea Generator programme overcomes these problems. There are also the Idea Generator  Retreat that I organise periodically in the UK, Canada and the US. Read more…

Evaluating Business Ideas

Before you launch a new business, you really should check out its commercial potential. Far better to find out early on that  it isn’t such a great idea –  this can save you so much time, money and heartache later.

If you want a better understanding of why evaluating your business ideas is so important why not sign up box for my 25-page FR*EE report on How to Failproof your Business Idea ? The sign up form is over to your right.

It’s really important to evaluate your business ideas.  You need to know who your target clients are; whether they’ll be as excited by your product or service as you are; whether they’re willing to pay for it and how much; whether the business is sustainable and scaleable; how much money you need to have to get started and whether you can access that level of financing. The Idea Evaluator Programme takes you step by step thorough the process of evaluating your business ideas.

Idea to Launch

The Idea to Launch Home Study Program teaches you all you need to know to get from a business idea to launching a business over a 3 month period.  You’ll be helped all the way by someone with many years of experience in helping people through this exciting process.

More information.

Financials Simplified

My tried and trusted Rock the FinancialsTM  is an affordable, stress free way to get a grip on your business financials and keep them under control – forever. It’s based on a simple philosophy:  make it practical, easy to use and affordable. My heartfelt wish is to make sure that no-one has an excuse to neglect the financial side of running a business.

In 7 easy steps the Rock the FinancialsTM  will give you the knowledge, confidence and tools you need to turn you into a financial warrior !  It can even save you money on hiring a bookkeeper as you’ll be all set to keep all the necessary financial records yourself !   More information

Get your Course Built!

This challenge programme helps you to get a beta version of your course built in 30 days !

When you sign up you get immediate access to the private Facebook Group so you can start interacting and discussing your ideas. You also get access to worksheets to start you thinking through what topic your course will be about.  On specific dates videos and workbooks will be put on to the Facebook group for you to work through. Guided tasks include:

Choose your topic

Build your course outline

Choose a compelling name

Identify sources of content for your course

Decide how to present the content

Produce the content

Start Beta testing your course

More information