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Marketing your Business

We can help you come up with low and even no-cost marketing strategies.

We can help you to really know your customers, your competitors, your current clients.

We can guide you through the exciting world of social media.

We can advise you on how to gain visibility and credibility.

We can be your Marketing Department.

We can be your Marketing Adviser.

We can be your Marketing Strategist.

We can provide on-demand marketing guidance.


If you want to do your own marketing and you’ve got time to do it, or ,you don’t really have the budget to pay someone else to do it you’ll perhaps want to use us as your on-demand marketing guide. Together we can brainstorm marketing ideas; we can be the person you bounce ideas with; be a resource to implement some of your marketing strategy; help you get set up on social media; answer your questions, find resources and tools for you – whatever will make your life easier. The following banks of hours are available:

1 hour – $130

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Bank of 4 hours – $580

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Bank of 10 hours – $1,100

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If you need something quite different – don’t be shy – fill out the contact form and tell me how we can work together to get your marketing on track.