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Compelling Reasons to include Webinars in your Marketing

This article by Kathleen Ann at Power Up Your Marketing looks at the compelling reasons why you should be doing webinars to get visibility and credibility.

How you spend your marketing time and money is a key decision that will determine not only your eventual success but how long it takes you to get there.If you want to maximise your return on both of these precious commodities you simply must include webinars in your marketing mix. For a start, no matter what product or service you offer, virtual webinars are the ultimate vehicle to deliver your information from the comfort of your own home or your office.At the same time you can reach more people and your geographical location is not important. As long as you have an internet connection and a webinar platform you can host a webinar.But it’s the added bonuses that are an automatic outcome of using this strategy that will really compel you to take action.Take a look at these 9 Compelling Reasons Why You Must Hold Webinars

1. Create connection with your audience

Webinars are an interactive medium that puts you in the driver’s seat. Whether you’re the host presenter or guest presenter you can deliver information to your audience and have a two-way dialogue. Your audience will have the opportunity to chat live with you and experience a more personal connection.

2. Demonstrate your expertise

Whether you’re the host presenter or a guest presenter, you will be in the spotlight and be able to demonstrate your expertise to your chosen audience. They will be on the call because they are motivated to hear what you have to say and that’s a marketer’s dream.

3. Raise your credibility

You will naturally raise your level of credibility by using webinars. Once again whether you’re the host or guest presenter, you’ll be seen as a credible source of information when you deliver it live, to a participating audience.

4. Build your list

If for no other reason you will want to use webinars as a list building strategy. By inviting other experts as guests on your call or appearing as a guest expert on their call you can quickly reach new audiences and attract new members to expand your tribe or list.

5. Create information product content

One of the quickest and simplest ways to create new information products or content for your newsletter or blog is to record your webinar. You can capture every word. The audio becomes an MP3 file that you can have transcribed or produce as a CD. Then you’ll have all the elements you need to re-purpose your material in a number of different ways to truly leverage your time.

6. Expand your peer network

Whether you’re inviting guest speakers or seeking speaking opportunities you will be networking with your peers and building strong relationships. This network is as vital as your client list to grow your business. Many Joint Venture opportunities begin as an invitation to team up on a webinar.

7. Educate your clients and potential clients

An underrated outcome of holding webinars is that you get to educate your audience about what and how to think about your subject. You set the agenda. So you are in control of the topic, the content and the details of the information. This is a powerful marketing concept that’s deceptively simple.

8. Increase your profile and authority

Be prepared to be noticed. Your public image and profile will be enhanced as you become a sought after authority on your subject. Clients and colleagues alike will talk about you, tweet and blog about you as well as send invitations to others to recommend you. Holding webinars will raise your status.

9. Produce bonus material

By recording the webinar you have an item that you can give as a bonus to your potential clients or current clients to introduce or reward them. Or give the recording to your guest presenter and other entrepreneurs to bundle as a bonus with their products which will expand your reach into new markets.

So you can see, there are so many rewarding reasons to hold webinars that you simply must have them in your strategic arsenal. Bottom line is you will leverage your time and make more money while building a strong foundation for continued expansion of your business.

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  • Cher Cunningham March 18, 2014, 10:53 am

    Great powerful reasons. And you can do this so easy with today’s technology. I have a tutorial on creating a pre-recorded webinar with Camtasia but you could also use http://anymeeting.com free of charge. I will add one more reason – your content comes alive. You become a real person – you can share some humour, special insights and your unique ideas with full inflection and power. Add a worksheet link below your webinar on youtube to turn viewers into visitors!

  • Gillian Pritchett April 2, 2014, 8:21 pm

    Thanks for sharing your views and the link Cher !!