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Lessons from my hibiscus

I bought two hibiscus years ago and they stood on my balcony in Montreal.

One October it started to snow and I said to myself “I must bring my hibiscus in this evening ” – why I didn’t do it right away who know but….. I brought them in that evening all cold and trembling. As the days went by they lost most of their leaves. I was leaving for the UK a few weeks later and a friend was gong to take my plants to her place as I was going to be away a couple of months. She took one hibiscus – it got sick and died. She left the other one declaring it dead. Well a friend of mine, Fréd, was staying and I asked him to water my hibiscus. He did so even though he thought it was a waste of time. When I got back to Montreal it had tiny tiny green bits on the stalks. It was reborn and has given me beautiful flowers each Summer as you can see from the photo on the left.

This Winter I spent two months in Europe – the doctor opposite had the keys to water my beautiful hibiscus but he forgot and it was all dried out and seemed totally dead when I got back.

I broke the branches off, and picked up the leaves and felt so sad. I then watered mt hibiscus even though I was sure I was wasting my time but…one day – there were little green bits and as you can see she’s small still but she’s about to give birth to a beautiful flower.

Now what’s the moral of this story ? Well,..

  • don’t neglect those you love
  • be careful who you entrust your precious things to
  • with patience everything works out in the end
  • with perseverance you will succeed
  • never give up

I’ll think of others and add them but why not add your thoughts too ?